Hotline Comic Con 2013

It has been about a month since San Diego Comic Con International, and I think I am finally ready to talk about the party we threw: Hotline Comic Con. As with everything, there was a whole lot of good and bad. I am very thankful for everyone who helped make the event happen, from investors and sponsors, right down to volunteers and the party guests. But I have already made most of my thank yous (and apologies) via social media and in person, so let’s get to what I want to talk about, the party itself.

Normally, I pull together a list of Comic Con events and parties for The Mixster, but this year I decided to throw a party instead (if you’re interested, check out my post for Matters of Grey, “9 Instagram-Worthy Outside Comic Con Events“). I’ve thrown events before, largest attendance 1000, smallest being 20. This, however, was an entirely different beast. Have you ever thrown a party that was competing against heavy hitters such as Kick Ass 2 and The Walking Dead? The closest I have come to this is the parties I have helped coordinate for New York Fashion Week – but somehow that is still easier to whip together rather than a Comic Con party.

It was what our team calls a “successful failure”. Not everything went the way we would have hoped, but my God was it magical! My friends enjoyed themselves immensely, taking massive photos and grooving to Miami Horror (whom I have always wanted to see – but was never in town for – props to Corey and Masoud for making it happen). At one point there was a game of “Duck Duck Goose” and people were kicking off their shoes to dance on the synthetic grass. The VIP section boasted of Hollywood industry types who were not afraid to share their bottle with hipsters, weirdos, and nerds. And the bar was killing it with specialty drinks named after our DJs and the video game our party was modeled after: Hotline Miami. I couldn’t have asked for a more fun party!

I’m not going to nitpick about how this could have been a better party or how we could have done things better, because in the end what matters is how much fun everyone else had. And to be among those heavy hitters of Hollywood and survive? That is amazing to me.

A special thanks to my friends at Static Synesthesia, Listen SD, Zombie Walk: San Diego, and Nerd Reactor. Always stay weird!

Photo Booth Photos | Listen SD Photos | Nerd Reactor Photos


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