WeTheUrban x J+Co

photography: Amber Asaly / styling: Eileen Doniego de France / hair+mua: Dinah Raphaelle / asst: Golden Sunshyne / models: Lauren & Iris (RED NYC)

I think we all know by now that I lack the time and discipline to update regularly and on schedule for my own blog (but give me publications I work for, of course I’m going to be quicker to meet deadlines. I have to. It’s called life). Leisure writing is so hard to come by when you work both a full time job in addition to all of your freelance work. This blog was meant to accompany my Tumblog (which is host to mostly images, reblogs, random thoughts, and laptop selfies) because I wanted a platform that was better suited for long format. I now laugh because I rarely have time to hash out such posts, and my Tumblog has sort of become my “main website/portfolio.”

While I’m still figuring all of this out, I thought I might share some of the earlier stylings I have done this year. I reblogged them for the sake of reblogging in Tumblr, but for you WordPress fans, I give you a single photo and some links. You may call me lazy, I call it SEO.

ABOUT THE SHOOT: This photo series was done for WeTheUrban, the magazine of which I am both a contributor to, Chief Operating Officer, and sometimes stylist for the West Coast “office” (Office being me). All clothing was provided by J+CO w/the exception of shoes and accessories, most of which I purchased from The Alley (Santee Alley if you are not familiar w/the bargain alley in DTLA).

It was a long and hot day, and we unfortunately had the challenge of having to shoot in the middle of the LA Marathon… right where the finish line was in Santa Monica. We shot around the pier and even took some shots in the middle of closed off streets for marathoners. Eventually, we hopped into the car and left the mob scene and headed to Venice High (Grease was shot here!) to shoot our final looks. What you see here is one of those final shots. We had to hop the fence to get to the field and into the box, but it was all worth it, and you’ll see why through the photos.

Webtorial #1

Webtorial #2

Webtorial #3

Webtorial #4 

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