It’s no secret to anyone that I have a fondness for pop music (despite my penchent for musicians/producers who tell me pop music is made up of pure money driven evil and the worst genre to exist). It is also no secret to anyone that I am an explorer and absorber of many forms of music. When I was first introduced to Zola Jesus, it was at a time of my life where I was experiencing a lot of pain and lost romantic emotions. Fully aware that sinking into a depression was not productive (and a place I cared not to re-visit), I did what I did best: destracted myself with work and hobbies.

My emotional release came in the form of the music I listened to and the shows I attended (and secret writings posted to private Tumblogs and secret Facebook accounts… and the lifestyles associated w/the culture). I remember seeing Zola Jesus at a tiny venue in San Diego called “Soda Bar.” She reminded me of me, a pixie hopping up on the pool table and singing dark experimental tunes to a handful of people. I briefly met her at the end of the show, and had her sign my copy of her EP, “Stridulum.”

Four years later, I am still listening to Zola Jesus, but what I’m finding interesting is that she is taking her career to more of a pop level. Her new single, “Dangerous Days” still contains her signature haunts and dark synths woven within the track, but dare I say that this far more dancier and lighter than anything I’ve heard from her? And my pop heart, in this time of wanting liberation from whatever demons I have in my heart and head, am happy to hear that she too sees this different sound from her upcoming 5th album, “Taiga” (and departure from previous label) as her “true debut.”

This is why I have chosen to write about this song, and why I have decided to have a written record of all my #pixiejams: because I’m an emotional listener and like to connect to music in a way that moves me. This week, “Dangerous Days” has me wanting to burst through doors and dance with my eyes shut – dancing it all away.

Final Random Thought:

I read an article on Billboard, saying this is what she has always wanted. She wants to be number one, at the top of the charts. Not to pin one girl against another, I wonder – did Zola see the succes of Lorde and ever think, “Damn that could have been me?” (it’s only human). I’m interested to see where her career goes from here, will she emerge into the mainstream and be touted as a new artist on the likes of KIIS and Z100? Will her fans say she has sold out? IDK IDK. But I’m loving everything thus far, and that’s all that matters to me.


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