Karlie Kloss wearing Clara in heirloom gold.

Karlie Kloss wearing Clara in Heirloom Gold.

When approached by Warby Parker to do a mention on the new Karlie Kloss capsule collection, I thought sure! Why not? Um… this was a month ago and I’m just now getting around to the post. Hooray for busy schedules! But honestly, I wanted to do this post regardless of being pitched and despite the fact that I’m not “out-scooping” anyone – I’m genuinely interested in this collection!

Marple in Heirloom Gold

Marple in Heirloom Gold

Since this is the Internet and since the Internet loves lists, I’m going to give you a run down of why I like the Karli Kloss x Warby Parker Collection:

1) Karlie Kloss

2) Karlie Kloss

3) Karlie Kloss.

Just kidding. But for real though, in descending order:

4.) Karie Kloss: She’s a beautiful model that I have kept career tabs on since the heyday of “Oh No They Didn’t!” on Livejournal, and their sister site “ONTD Fashin Fags” (true fact: I used to argue and agree w/BryanBoy before he was BryanBoy… also I think they renamed themselves “Fashin” to disassociate from ONTD and because “Fags” is offensive). Watching her career blossom into what it is today shows you how versatile she is as a model. Oh yeah, and she’s modeled for the company I am currently employed by, so there’s that! Anyway, collaborating w/Warby Parker appears to be a great decision on her part because she gets to be a part of a brand that is continuing to grow.

3.) Quality Control: The designs were done in-house and not outsourced to one of those conglomerate chains that fool you into thinking you’ve done good by spending hundreds of dollars on plastic (but to be honest, I do want to know where they produce bulk). Even if you’re dropping money in the triple digits, you know you are getting a bargain for the quality you are given – sturdy Japanese titanium. Tis a good thing!

2.) The Styles in the Collection Itself: They’re classic and clean and can be paired with ANYTHING. They have a nice retro feel to them with lenses washed in indigo, sepia, and violet – I haven’t tried them on (and unfortunately you can’t do home-trys with this collection), but I honestly hope it’s like an Instagram filter for your eyes!

1) And last but not least, the most important reason for me liking this collection that ties in everything together: a portion of each sale will benefit Edible Schoolyard NYC, an organization that is very dear to Karlie. Edible Schoolyard NYC makes kitchens and gardens accessible to low-income public schools, giving the students the opportunity to develop lifelong healthy habits – something I wish I had! My ghetto schools fed me Pizza Hut Pizza and something they called “cajun fries” (not complaining, but my heart is).

Considering the collaboration, the design and quality, plus the donation to Edible Schoolyard NYC the price point looks damn attractive. Now I just need either the Clara or Marple in heirloom gold, to sit on my face. Kthxbai.


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