Polaroids, arm parties, Artist Pass, Nasty Gal - must be Coachella!

Polaroids, arm parties, Artist Pass, Nasty Gal – must be Coachella! Just me and some friends during Coachella 2014.

While I haven’t been attending the Coachella Fest for nearly as many years as a lot of my friends, I have been going for close to a decade, and have been in envy of the years prior. Fan-girly for the likes of Rooney, Phantom Planet, and Rilo Kiley (damn you SDSU for never having Spring Break during Coachella!). Envious of the Madonna and Prince surprises. Hooked from the moment a friend had extra VIP Saturday and Sunday wristbands (single day wristbands!). In shock of how I ended up landing press for my second year, and covering the fest on behalf of Sony Bloggie (oh the early days of social media and video recording).

My relationship with Coachella started off as love at first sight and sort of fizzled into this “friends with benefits” status. I still fall in the love with the fest when I see the sun set and hear the booming music envelope me, but in later years I have also grown exhausted. Exhausted from the swarms of people, the anxiety of buying wristbands (just in case I don’t get press or artist or even a loophole), the growing commercialism, and dealing with all sorts of fans. From the jaded music-elitists who yearn for Coachella’s past, to the Sahara Tent Bros and the floral crown tweens who dream of wanderlust days – feel that exhaustion? I only want the festival when it’s around, a great transition from the time I wanted it to be “Perpetually Coachella.” I don’t want to place the blame solely on Coachella’s growth and “festival-season” marketing hysteria – but it’s hard not to. Seeing the festival you’ve grown up with evolve into this pop culture beast is hard, both as an avid fan and someone who is clearly aging. Again, I’m 30 and not 22.

And so for every year I threaten to stop going, a pass magically finds its way upon my wrist. I threaten to go to “parties only this year” and somehow end up at the main stage, swaying to “Pumped Up Kicks” – wait, how did I get here? Literally, how did I end up in front of this stage (true story) – and now figuratively, how did I come to write yet another Coachella post (see my Coachella Survival Guide for the Last Minute Kids and 2014 reviews here and here!)? I guess I just can’t it let go, at least for now.

Maybe the way I choose to enjoy the festival will change each year, just as the festival itself will find new ways to evolve. Or maybe one day there will be some kind of AA or NA for Coachella… appropriately w/the acronym CA. For now, I will just enjoy another festival this year, despite the groans of the lineup (shut up, Steely Dan is awesome and you know you want to see Drake – quit lying). And in the meantime, I will ponder more over the future of music festivals and Coachella – just be sure to catch our Coachella wackiness at WTU 😉

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