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My name is Eileen Blancas, and I am a User Experience Designer with a background in journalism, public relations, and fashion production. My multiple disciplinary background has helped me develop my UX-style where the story begins with research, the climax is ideation and prototyping, and the resolution is a beautiful product. But I bet you’re wondering who Eyemusing is.

Eyemusing was created on a play of words, user to promote my fashion and music writing on Twitter. I needed a name that truly represented me, so I combined my childhood nickname “Eye” and my favorite words: “amusing” and “musing.”

As Twitter began to flourish as a new and hip social media platform, so did my Twitter personality. Uneasy about attaching my real name to my newfound e-fame, I created a second persona known as Eileen Doñiego de France. “Doñiego de France” soon became my pen name for published works, and I kept Blancas under a protective watch, only to be used with my work in fashion production and for published work in major syndications.

With my Twitter handle and two names, I have written for a multitude of publications and websites, including WeTheUrban (of which I co-own), the Los Angeles News Group, The La Jolla Blue Book, Graffiti Beach, TheMixsterSD, and many others. I am known for my coverage of fashion and music events, as well as film festivals and San Diego Comic Con International. A true geek at heart, my life is a whirlwind of research, overall curiosity, and a need to facilitate a voice to those who feel their stories aren’t being heard.

That being said, I am ready to forge through this world as Eileen Blancas aka Eyemusing! I have turned to UX because my passions and interests have lead me to a path of creating beautiful and well thought out user centered products. My goal is not just to design, but to create products based on the lives of real people and their needs!

Eileen Blancas

Eileen Blancas

Storytelling UX Designer with a Great Curiosity

Oh! It’s Eyemusing!

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