Passion Project

The final prototype is complete! Here’s a quick summary about this project, and a video of the final product. 

This video is of the passion project created by myself (Eileen Blancas), Mia Song, and Steven Ko.

People have difficulty deciding what to eat at restaurants. Existing services make it easier than ever to make an educated decision on where to eat thanks to user based reviews and ratings. What these services have not been able to do, however, is aid in the next steps:

▸ What cuisine should you choose to eat once you sit down at your chosen restaurant?
▸ What if you found yourself in a restaurant with a menu that is unfamiliar to you and does not contain photos?

Introducing Chomp! Chomp is a mobile app that uses Foursquare’s location and user taste preferences to recommend dishes at restaurants just like a friend. When sitting down at a restaurant, Chomp facilitates the decision making process of deciding what to eat by allowing the user to quickly access photos, reviews, and ingredients to menu items that look unfamiliar to them.

Oh! It’s Eyemusing!

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